Coaching de vida y psicoterapia transpersonal


Do you feel there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be?

22 years offering life coaching and transpersonal psychotherapy for a true and lasting transformation.

Life happens here and now, and the responsibility for your life is yours. Enough postponing.

If you´ve answered YES to any of these questions...

Don´t wait another couple of years for the situation to become more urgent.

Take responsibility now. I´m with you.

Take a step towards your lasting transformation

How can I assist you?

I understand you. I understand your emotional changes, I understand that the situation feels difficult to you
and seems complicated to solve.

While you´re living this, you´re trapped inside your head, cruising between the past and the future and
you are missing out on living your life!

The answer lies in the present. So I promise to meet you where you´re at and to carefully guide you to the present, so you can discover what will take you to your freedom.

Unlock your situation and gain clarity, trust and determination.
From 13 years onwards.

4 sessions abo

60' session


Mediation and unblocking of situations in a relationship of any kind: couple, family member or work related.

4 sessions abo

90' session


Free your voice and develop more trust and inner clarity, using voice, rhythm and sound.

4 sessions abo
for individual or a group*

60'/ *90' session

240€/ *60€

Book your first free consult. 20 minutes to get to know each other, for you to tell me what your situation is and to figure out on what to focus and how to solve it:

Jenny Sangeet coaching que va más allá

Hello! My name is Jenny Sangeet

Psicologist, Life Coach and Sound Therapist

22 years I´ve been giving support to adults and adolescents during moments in their lives that motivated them to make changes, personal as well as professional.

In individual as well as in sessions for two or groups, I guide you towards greater awareness of yourself, so you can live a more authentic and fulfilled life.

In different moments of our lives, all of us need someone who can remind us of our true inner strength. A coach will guide you when you feel trapped in a situation that causes you suffering and will support you to get out of it and move on, having healed what was necessary to do so.

I will help you discover how you prevent your own growth, how you can take on more responsibility for yourself and how to free yourself from relying on others to be happy.

We can communicate in 4 languages: Español, Català, Deutsch & English.

How are the sessions?

I have developed my own life coaching that goes beyond classic coaching.
My role as coach is wider: it includes psychotherapeutic and non dual approaches, including sound therapy.



The strategy I use is simple and doesn´t require you to make radical life changes or investing a great amount of money.



I only share what I have verified works and takes you to authentic freedom.



All clients have been able to learn and transform, no exceptions.



The objective is to become ever more light and to abandon the arsenal of learnt techniques and strategies in favor of your authenticity.

libre de sufrimiento


I am very direct and I share the most direct path to freedom and a life free from suffering.



The goal is for you to take control of your life, responsibility for your happiness, and accept all the parts of yourself.

The techniques and exercises have been proven to work by me and my clients
throughout 22 years of passion and vocation.

Life Coaching that goes beyond

Do you want to live free from unnecessary baggage, and create the life you would love to live?

This life coaching makes it possible for you to reach coherent objectives and make deep changes, supporting you in developing  your whole potential, clarifying your goals, whether personal, in your family or at work, and helping you get there.

Libérate de lo que te limita. Sesiones de coaching.
Terapia de pareja, relación concebida en la libertad

Couples therapy

Would you like to learn how to build a relationship in lasting happiness?

Whether you currently are in a relationship or not, review the meaning of love, the importance of respect and of aspects such as security, trust and commitment and what peace and happiness are . Learn how to provide your intimate relationship with the best opportunity to be truly intimate.

Vocal Coaching and Sound Therapy

Would you like to build a loving relationship with yourself and with others, using your voice and sound?

Through listening, through rhythm and using your voice, you will develop greater clarity and trust in yourself. You will be able to notice how certain thought- and behavioural patterns block you from being conscious, making you unhappy and this will manifest in your voice´s expression.

Sunie, escucha yóguica

Yogic listening

Sunie, sound yoga for your well-being

Sunie is the opportunity to explore yourself through sounds or melodies that enhance your well-being.

It helps you solve everyday issues in a more respectful way, expand your external and internal listening capacity, and make decisions aligned with what you need.


Real and lasting transformations

Thanks to Jenny I know how to find my way when I lose sight of it. He accompanied me with delicacy and serenity to find that space within me, in which I feel safe. He gave me tools to anchor myself to the present and to life. It helped me to balance my world as a couple and to see myself through my own eyes.
— Elena
I started my coaching process feeling tired and disoriented. Looking back I can see that what I was looking for was not that far away, and with Jenny's help I got tools to find my way. Jenny's clarity, openness, and warmth made me feel safe while also challenging me in my usual ways of thinking. I highly recommend Jenny to everyone who wants to better understand themselves and invest in a more energetic life.
— Carolina
Jenny has been a very good role model for me: she taught me what it means to be present, in such a way that now I understand it, not mentally, but experientially. I thank you for helping me connect to the here and now, something that I can now do, more and more, during my day to day, not only in special moments, being still and alone, but also in movement and with people. Thanks to Jenny I found out that it's not true that I can't sing: when I sing from within, a sound from me flows that I hadn't heard before.
— Lourdes
I am very happy that I did the coaching program with Jenny! The sessions with her were both enlightening and challenging: turning off my analytical mind and confronting my feelings was a remarkable experience that brought me a lot of clarity. Jenny has the ability to quickly spot what is needed and is equipped with several tools to adapt accordingly. I use them daily and I realize that I am not as angry as I was, with everyone and the events of the moment.
— Pablo
I feel very grateful for all the changes that I am able to make in my life for what I have learned in the time that Jenny has accompanied me. I went to her at a time in my life that was very hard for me, because there were big and unwanted changes in my job. My life was very stressful, with a full working day and also in charge of the family home, with two children. Jenny helped me bring much-needed peace of mind back to my life. Coaching with her helped me to relate to my needs, give them a space and thus the relationships in the workplace and also in the family have stopped altering me.
— Andrea
I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Jenny. They took place in a calm, warm and respectful environment. He immediately knew what I needed and helped answer any questions I had about my past, present, and future. I learned to trust my own feelings and strengthened my confidence. The sessions helped me see the positive aspects of my life instead of getting stuck in the negatives and self-sabotage. Since then I have made major changes in my life. Thank you so much Jenny!
— Sandra
Do you have any doubt?

Holistic and integral life coaching...

it´s for you if...
It is NOT for you if...
Or if you feel identified with any of these situations:
  • You want a change in your personal or professional life.
  • You are looking for a balance between your career, your personal interests and your family. You have difficulty recognizing and respecting your own limits.
  • You are facing challenges due to relationship conflicts or a separation.
  • You are in the middle of a stressful life event.
  • You experience depressive moods, fears and panic.
  • You have suffered a loss and are grieving.
  • You doubt yourself and have low self-esteem.
  • You are in a moment of great change due to the birth of a child, a new job or moving abroad.
  • You want to bring more joy, flow and optimism into your life.
  • You have made a powerful decision to change what is not working for you.
  • You have anxiety, stress, depression and do not want to resort to drugs or want to stop using them.
  • You have addictive behaviors that you want to stop.
  • You have a hard time relating.
  • You are in a relationship and want to improve your relationship.
  • You seek support in accompanying your children.
  • You want or need to do voice work, rhythm, that is, a clearly sound accompaniment.

Book the first consultation of 20 minutes FREE. Don't wait another couple of years until the situation becomes more urgent.

Yogic listening


Sunie is the yogic listener. It is the path to the depths of oneself with the aim of tuning in with one’s own wise voice

In each Sunie, we listen deeply to a melody that awakens us to a certain mood (Raag). No prior knowledge of yoga, meditation or music is necessary.

Sunie II: Sonidos para atraer desde tu verdad
Sunie II: Sounds to attract from your truth

26 Nov 2022 / 18:00 a 19:00h

Mi casa es tu casa (Premià de Dalt)

What experience makes you a magnet and you could spend hours sharing it? Raag Sorath and your own listening will take care of attracting into your life what vibrates with you.
Event ended
Sunie IV: Sonidos para actuar con convicción
Sunie IV: Sounds to act with conviction

25 Feb 2023 / 18:00 a 19:00h

Mi casa es tu casa (Premià de Dalt)

Are you driven enough from your truth to live, act and speak according to it? Raag Maru and your own listening will help you find your conviction.
Event ended
Sunie VI: Sonidos para saber perder y llegar más lejos
Sunie VI: Sonidos para saber perder y llegar más lejos

22 Abr 2023 / 18:00 a 19:00h

Mi casa es tu casa (Premià de Dalt)

What must you give up to give space to that greater thing, that you want in your life? Raag Jaijawanti and your own listening will take care of supporting you in that moment of letting go for the greater good.

Event ended

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